Sites for Learning Chinese
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Large selection of Chinese children's books and DVDs.

Asian Rare Books
Rare and used books from or about Asia.

Cheng & Tsui
Books for learning Chinese.
Chinese books for kids.

China Books
Books about China, books for learning Chinese.

Chinese Books
A Chinese Amazon.

Tsai Fong Books
Chinese books from Taiwan.

Pan Asian Publications
English books on Asia.

Chinese Children's books.

Yale University Press
Books for learning Chinese.


The Art of Chinese Calligraphy
How to appreciate Chinese calligraphy.

Asiawind Art Gallery
Introduction to Chinese calligraphy.

Calligraphy of the Masters
Dozens of calligraphy masterpieces spanning nearly 2000 years.

Calligraphy Sheets
Practice writing Chinese characters the way young Chinese students do with these printable calligraphy sheets.

Chinese Calligraphy Bibliography
English language books about Chinese calligraphy.


Cantonese Pronunciation Dictionary
Cantonese uses almost all the same characters as Mandarin - but with different pronunciations.

Ethnologue - China
Cantonese and Mandarin are not the only Chinese dialects - nor is Chinese the only language in China. This site introduces over 200 dialects and languages.

Learn Cantonese
Information about colloquial Cantonese.

Chinese Characters

Animated Chinese Characters
Stroke-by-stroke animation shows you how to write thousands of common Chinese characters in the proper stroke sequence that is essential for attractive writing.

Chinese Character Flashcards
Addictive Java applet tests your recognition of Chinese characters online.

Chinese Language and Writing
Encyclopedia excerpts about Sino-Tibetan family of languages.

Learn to Read and Write Chinese
Fun flash animation on Chinese characters.

Mandarin Chinese Outpost - Characters
Information on how to write Chinese characters.

Women's Secret Writing
Chinese women once used secret characters to communicate with their sworn best friends.

Xu Bing's New English Calligraphy
Smithonian Institute's exhibition and interview.


CD Titles for Learning Chinese
Reviews of Chinese learning software by Chinese professors.

Chinese Language Software & AV Programs
Professor Marjorie Chan's extensive annotated links.

NJStar Trial Version
Download 30-day free trial version of popular software for viewing, writing Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Twinbridge Trial Version
Software for viewing, writing Chinese.

Wenlin Institute
Download trial version of popular CDROM for learning Chinese.


Chinese Character Dictionary
Search for individual character meanings.

Chinese Characters Dictionary Web
Simultaneous searching of main Chinese-English and English-Chinese web dictionaries.

Chinese-English Dictionary (CEDICT)
Rapidly growing online collaborative dictionary.

Dictionary of Chinese Characters
Extensive character dictionary with additional emphasis on Hakka pronunciations.

Dictionary of East Asian Literary CJK Terms
Extensive and still growing dictionary for classical literature. Requires Japanese fonts.

Guoyu Cidian
Excellent online Chinese-Chinese dictionary.

Pristine Lexicon
Extensive Chinese lexicon from translation database.

Specialized Chinese Dictionaries
Bibliography of dictionaries in fields from aeronautics to reprography.

Learn Chinese

Chinese Language Study Courses in U.S.
Find a college with a Chinese language program.

Chinese Language Teaching and Learning Resources
Professor Marjorie Chan's extensive links.

Mandarin Chinese Outpost - Pronunciation
Discusses Romanization schemes, initials and finals, and the four tones of Chinese.

Chinese Pod
Podcasts of Chinese lessons for learning online.

Chinese Pronunciation Guide
Practice the tones and other difficult aspects of Chinese pronunciation.

Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online
Learn basic Chinese by reading and listening to sample conversations.

Learning Chinese Online
Professor Tim Xie's collection of sites for learning Chinese.

Mandarin Chinese Outpost - Grammar
Introduction to Mandarin grammar.

Practice Your Pinyin
Pinyin exercises from the University of Iowa.

Private Mandarin Lessons
Online private lessons.

Speak Mandarin Campaign
Singapore's government encourages its anglicized ethnic Chinese citizenry to periodically speak Chinese.


Chinese Classics
Extensive collection from China News Digest.

Electronic Resources for Chinese Classical Studies
Extensive collection of links to classical literature.

Chinese Names

ChinaSprout's Customized Chops
Service to provide a real Chinese chop with a real Chinese name (not a bogus transliteration of your non-Chinese name).

Chinese Surnames
Most common Chinese surnames with pronunciations in different dialects and languages.

Get a Chinese Name
Type in your English name, some admirable personal attributes, and the computer generates a Chinese name.


North American Colleges and Universities Teaching Chinese
Exhaustive list from the Less [sic] Commonly Taught Languages Project.

National Council of Associations of Chinese Language Schools
Non-profit heritage schools teach Chinese to over 100,000 Taiwanese/Chinese-American youth every weekend. Great place for "foreigners" to learn also.

Search features an extensive guide to Chinese Culture
Search engine and directory with specialized portals for China, HK, Taiwan and North America.

Extensive Chinese directory and search engine.

Taiwan-based directory and search engine.

Teach Chinese

Chinese Language Teachers Association
Resources for the Chinese teaching community.

Chinese Way To Go
Resources for teaching Chinese.

Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
Resources for Chinese teachers.

Overseas Chinese Internet Education
Information for teaching and learning Chinese.